Meet Our EPIC Staff!

Essential Paws Island Crew


Gabrielle Lollar-Trefelner, Owner and Manager

"Born and raised in this beautiful paradise we call home, I grew up with the utmost admiration for animals, which started at a very early age. During my childhood, my family and I were very big in the Motocross industry, leading me to my first profession/career as a Professional Motocross Mechanic. I went off to pursue my degree in Mechanics and worked for a very talented Motocross family whom I call my own. After years of hard work and very many achievements along the way, I knew in my heart that helping animals was still in my calling. I decided to change my path in life and attended Indian River State College for my Business Administration degree. It wasn't until my wife, Kyra Lollar-Trefelner, started grooming again that I realized my true passion. The Pet Care industry! After a few years assisting her and learning the ins and outs of the trade, we decided that our true dedication, love, respect, and admiration for pets was the business we wanted to be in. A few months later, we created Essential Paws with this exact mission in mind. I couldn't be more proud of what we have accomplished along the way and look forward to the many years of serving the pet care industry."                        


Kyra Lollar-Trefelner, Owner and Pet Stylist 

"I was introduced to the pet industry while pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Human Services at Purdue University. Ironic, I know! I needed a part time job to pay for books, and I knew I loved animals, so applied for a bathing position in the grooming department of Petco. I never would have guessed this part time, minimum wage job would become the foundation of my career and passion in life. After graduating college, I entered my field of study as a Recovery Support Technician for those suffering with mental heath and substance abuse problems. Less than a year into my "big girl" job, I realized there was something missing. I missed the dogs! I took a big risk...I quit my salary job and embarked on a path that would lead me home, to Essential Paws. Along my journey, I've had the opportunity to learn from many wonderful grooming and business mentors, one incredibly warm-hearted veterinarian, a few very knowledgable trainers and a LOT of encouraging clients who I now call family. I've worked for multiple grooming salons from West Palm, all the way to Sebastian, eventually earning my title as a Senior Stylist! But I saw a need for something different in this industry I've come to love. My innate desire to help people, combined with my love for dogs has been the backbone of everything this business stands for. Together, our EPIC crew is raising the bar on customer service, and creating a new standard for pet care, and I couldn't be more proud!"


Samey, Resort Supervisor    

"Hello! My name is Samey and I have been with Essential Paws since November of 2017. There have always been dogs in my life. I was always the go-to dog sitter for my friends and family. When I was 18, I graduated early from high school and started volunteering at a local animal shelter every morning..  That's when I realized I wanted to work with dogs for the rest of my life. In a few months, I will be pursing a license in animal training, and being at Essential Paws has taught me so much already. Essential Paws has been such a blessing, I couldn’t imagine working for anybody else. It is truly amazing to work with people that share your passion of caring for dogs in the most genuine way. Every shift I work I can’t help but smile because I know every day is going to be full of fun. Through all the small jobs I have had, I have never felt more at home than I do here at Essential Paws. The crew I work with is truly like another family to me. I am very excited to stay and grow with Essential Paws for years to come!"


Tammy, Daycare attendant and groomer’s assistant

“My name is Tammy Aris, I'm a local here in St Lucie County. I started working in the animal field at the age of 15. I continued my education working with animal Control, and as a veterinary technician. I’ve worked for both large practices and small and have gained more knowledge and experience than I can even begin to express. I also had the privilege of working on a spay and neuter mobile in Palm City working along side some incredible veterinarians. I've always had a love for animals and their care. I take pride in my work and I love what I do!”


Jay, Daycare Attendant

“Hey there! My name is Jaime (Jay). I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I Moved to Fort Pierce March of 2014. I graduated from Westwood high school May 13, 2014. From a young age, I have always had a passion for animals. In high school, my dog passed away and I felt like I had lost a best friend. I was devastated. I did not just want to buy myself a new pet in replacement of my old dog, but I wanted to help foster dogs instead. I saw The hurt and the need for help with so many unwanted and abused dogs. I worked at Prima Vista animal Hospital for a year and a half, where my passion for pets grew each day. I am currently pursuing a criminal justice degree to become an animal control officer. I love my current position as a daycare attendant and I am truly grateful to be apart of the growing family Here at Essential Paws Island Resort.” 


Shelbi, Bathing Supervisor and Groomer’s Assistant

“Hi! I’m Shelbi! I was born and raised right here in Fort, Pierce Florida. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to work with animals. While growing up, I continuously thought of what exactly I wanted to do inside the pet industry. When I was in middle school, I wanted to own a pet store.. but as I approached high school, I started considering entering into the medical field and becoming a veterinarian, instead. Soon after I started pursuing that career, I realized that particular job was not the right fit for me. Following my graduation, I enrolled in a course of Dog Obedience Training through Animal Behavior College hoping that would be my calling. Once again, I had a realization that even though I gained so much knowledge, it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Currently, I am enrolled in the same college, but now I’m studying to be a certified Dog Groomer. I finally feel like I am exactly where I need to be! I love dogs with a passion and I am so thankful to be able to pamper and care for all the wonderful dogs I get to interact with at Essential Paws on a daily basis!”


Brittany, Daycare Attendant

“Hello! My name is Brittany, I was born in Virginia then moved here to Florida when I was just a few months old. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had pets growing up and always wanted more. When I was little I knew I wanted to be in the animal industry because I always loved being around animals. I’m so grateful to Essential Paws for finally getting the opportunity to do what I love- which is spending my days with fur babies! Now that I’m somewhere where I want to be it’s making me want to pursue veterinary school even more. It’s a great feeling to work for two amazing and understanding mentors, and not to mention my coworkers are awesome! I truly couldn’t be any happier!”