Our Doggy Condos

Below are pictures and details of our doggy condos available for a SleepRover at Essential Paws. 


The "Beach House" Condo

A very spacious living quarters designed with the island life in mind. This condo is 10'x5' and offers a comfy bed, two toys, two personal doggy dishes, and a second bed upon request. 

The "Conch" Condo

This home-away-from-home condo is for our guests who prefer a more cozy environment. Your furkid is going to love this 4'x5' room, complete with a personal bed, two toys, and personal doggy dishes.



The "Island Shack" Condo

This condo has a more open, spacious feel, designed for those who fear being "closed in". Surrounded by windows, tropical plants, and see-through fencing, your pup will enjoy a large space to play, and be able to watch everything that's going on outside AND inside the facility around them. This space also includes a comfy pet bed, toys, and two personal dishes. Your pup is "shore" to love this room!