Our Doggy Condos

Below are pictures and details of our doggy condos available for a SleepRover at Essential Paws. 


Small Breed Room 

A very spacious living quarters designed with the island life in mind. The small pup room consists of multiple condo-like doggy bedrooms that are approximately 3 feet wide by 4 feet long. Each bedroom features a therapeutic Kuranda bed with a comfy topper mattress, a plush blanket, a toy or two of their choice and personal doggy dishes. 

Rooms available: 

  • Seaside Resort

  • Star Fish Inn

  • Message in a Hostel

  • The Pier BNB

Large breed room

These home-away-from-home condos are made for our guests who prefer a cozy environment but in a larger space. In our large breed room, we have two different size bedrooms available for your convenience! 

Our King Suites: (For Families With Multiple Pups)

Complete with a larger therapeutic Kuranda bed, mattress topper, and plush blanket, your furkid will feel right at home with this spacious bedroom! Each room is further equipped with personal doggy dishes and toys of their choice! (Size: 5.5ft L by 4ft W)

Rooms available: 

  • Sail Me Away Spa

  • Sunset Bay Bungalow




Medium Sized Condos

Our medium size condo are perfect for the single large breed pup or simply two or more smaller pups that are wanting extra room! These island doggy bedrooms have the comfort each guest is craving completely set up with Kuranda therapeutic beds, mattress toppers, and a plush blanket. Additionally, each bedroom has it's own doggy dishes and toys! (Size: 5.5ft L by 3ft W)

Rooms Available: 

  • The Wave Room

  • Tiki Tahiti Hotel

  • The BoardWalk Lodge

  • SeaShell Retreat