10 benefits of doggy daycare!

1. You can avoid that heart wrenching moment when you have to look into your dogs (disappointed) eyes and promise, "I'll be back, buddy," as you walk out the door..

2. You won't have to worry about your dog feeling lonely or anxious while you are away because he will be playing with his new friends and receiving all sorts of love and attention.

3. You won't have to rush home to let him go potty, or worry that you may get home past his dinner time. 

4. You will bring home a worn out dog! They say a tired dog is a good dog..

5. Dogs are instinctually social pack animals. They need to experience appropriate interactions with others of their kind every once in a while. Doggy daycare offers a safe and controlled environment for this to take place!

6. Doggy Daycare reduces the likelihood of boredom. When dogs are bored, they are more likely to chew, tear and scavenge. Save your socks!

7. For those of you who take your dogs everywhere with you, you've found that there are a few places that (despite your attempts to sway them) won't let your sweet angel in. (So frustrating, I know.) Doggy daycare is a great save for those times.

8. Seperation Anxiety. At Essential Paws, we diffuse lavender aroma therapy to promote natural relaxation and ease stress. Plus, your pet is much less likely to wonder where you are if they are distracted by hugs and kisses from someone else!

9. You can drop off your stinky dog, and pick up a fresh and clean one! We offer our "Stay & Play" Package for grooming cllients. Your dog can enjoy a spa day AND hours of play time with their besties.

10. Your Pet Deserves It! Think of all the things they do for you. They listen and never talk back, cuddle you when times are rough, and love you unconditionally. Show your best friend you care by treating them to an island oasis where sandy paws are always welcome!