Why Essential Paws?

When you choose Essential Paws, you are choosing an intimate atmosphere, and personalized care. Your pet isn't just a number, they are family! We believe the grooming experience should be relaxing and enjoyable, a bonding experience between a dog and their caregiver. Your fur baby should trust his or her stylist and feel comfortable during their spa day. We aim to accomplish this goal by limiting the number of clients we take in per day, assuring you that your fur baby's appointment isn't shared, it's theirs! 


What to expect...


Your fur baby's spa day will begin with an acclimation period. This is a time dedicated to encouraging exploration of the space and making themselves at home. Once your pet feels comfortable in the environment, we will advance to a warm bubble bath where they will be lathered in high quality, all natural shampoos and a leave-in conditioner. Then, they will be towel off, and fluff dried. If your pet requires hair cutting, our groomer will take special care to produce a custom cut that fits your lifestyle and taste, to leave your companion looking and feeling like a beach babe. Our grooming experience also includes ear cleaning (and plucking upon request), and nail filing (to reduce accidental scratching). Our groomer will take note of your fur baby's emotional and physical needs, whether they be separation anxiety, seizure disorders, arthritis etc. and will adjust her techniques accordingly. Your pet's comfort is our number one priority!

*Prices vary depending on coat type and condition, weight and temperament of pet. Please call for more information! 772-201-0094. 

*Anal Gland Expression available upon request

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