House Call Cat Boarding 

At Essential Paws, we believe that cats are more comfortable in their own environment. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce House Call Cat Boarding for the safety and convenience of your feline family member. 

What is House Call Cat Boarding?

The House Call Cat Boarding package is a "check-in service." A highly trained and trusted staff member will drive to your residence and check in on your furry little companion(s) while you are away. *Essential Paws Island Resort is a legitimate business, licensed and insured.*

What does this package include?

Upon arrival to your residence, we ensure your fur baby(s) are safe and comfortable. A staff member will provide fresh food and water, clean and freshen the litter box, and check the status of your living quarters. We can provide up to three (3) visits per day for your convenience. Additionally, we send you "Happy Tail Mail" photo updates via e-mail or text message! Our goal is to keep your kiddos happy, and to provide you peace of mind knowing they are safe.




Up to three (3) visits per day

Other Information:

  • Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to the first home visit. This will allow us to coordinate a schedule that will best fit your cat's needs. 
  • A "Meet-N-Greet" is required to complete your reservation. This will take place inside your residence so we can meet your cat(s), obtain feeding and litter instructions, and discuss any special needs. A staff member will also ask a series of questions concerning medical, vaccination and social history so we are equipped to provide the very best care for your fur baby while you're away! A key and/or code to the residence must be provided at this time. 
  • Full payment must be received within 24 hours of your return. Key will be returned once payment has been received. 



Call (772) 201-0094 for more details